8​-​Bit Crusades .5: Origins


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Creator's Note:
I realized a while back that in the 8-Bit Crusades series, I haven't given the main star, JKLOL, a proper origin story. So, along with another album I have in the works, I decided to create this album to better explain the world in which revolves around our galactic savior, JKLOL. Thank you for listening.

On one summer's eve, a meteor came crashing down from the starlit skies, smashing into a small town on the east coast of America. As people swarmed around the crash site that morning, They realize that the meteor was no space rock, but a capsule, carrying a humanoid synthetic. As they came closer to the mysterious creature, the machine awoke. As the bio-mechanical being scanned the people around him, only one thing came out of his hidden mouth. ''Where's my mom?''

Turns out that the robot had the knowledge of a small toddler, just learning and growing. Before the townspeople could rip the robot apart for being different, a gentle giant came forth, and vowed to teach the confused being the ways of Humanity on earth. And so he did.

Enter the Hatred. A hive mind being, who destroyed the sentient's home planet in order to feed. The Hatred is a being of pure evil, turning people against each other in order to wipe out a planet's populous. After completing a meal on a far off planet in the galaxy, The Hatred spies Earth, and turns its hunger towards the blue giant.

The robot, now gaining knowledge about the good of people, learns to live among humanity in peace. After hearing a common phrase from a bunch of high school kids, the robot declared his name to be ''JKLOL'', as he felt this would bring him closer to fitting in and being human.
While living peacefully, The Hatred focuses his attention on JKLOL, realizing the potential weapon on his hands.

In the middle of the night, The Hatred takes control of JKLOL's circuits, and removes JKLOL out of his own subconscious. The Hatred goes on a killing spree, destroying the town JKLOL so dearly loved.

[Insert literal mind battle here]

JKLOL defeats the Hatred for now, and helps rebuild the town. After cleaning through the rubble, it is declared that JKLOL shall be the defender of not just the town, but Earth as well.

Meanwhile, in the outer depths of space, a multicolored being in the shape of a cube watches the events from above. The Oracle has picked a new champion...


released July 28, 2015

Thank you to Ricepirate for lending his voice to the album!



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JAKK Lebanon, New Hampshire

Meme supreme.
Robo no more.

I'm a chiptune arist who makes chiptunes for the hell of it.

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Track Name: Crash Landing
In a far off galaxy, A star explodes
Little did you know that was my home.
Now I float, Cold and alone.
Little did I know Earth would be my home.

So I roam, to find a home
So I roam, to find a place of my own
So I roam, until the end of time
So I roam, until the day I die



Track Name: The First Step
So many new faces
So many new places
Where will I go to find a new home?
So I must roam

I'll go on a Journey
Take the first step
To find a place where I belong


So many new faces
So many new places
Where will I go to find a new home?
So I must roam

I'll go on a Journey
Take the first step
To find a place where I belong

Oooooooo (x4)

Where will I go to find a new home?
So I will go
to take the First Step